The Week in Fresh Tracks [Fox Fun, Anchor Thieves, Bedroom]



Well, I didn't come across quite as large a batch of new local tunes this week as usual, but that doesn't mean we can't still have another Week in Fresh Tracks. Follow me below to find out about brand-new jams from garage-punk kiddos Fox Fun — who have a release show tonight with Dirty Dreams and Aboriginals at Ben Todd's place, by the way — along with indie rockers Anchor Thieves and bedroom-pop maestro Bedroom. As always, if you want to hip us to your fresh tracks, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Fox Fun, "Squawk" b/w "Smile"

I've had my eye on youngster garage-punk duo Fox Fun since even before The Spin caught their set at Glenn Danzig's House over a year ago. They get skronking, squawking tones without abandoning good, solid melody — it's like they appreciate Pavement and Brian Jonestown Massacre and MC5 and ... well, basically a slew of indie-rock, punk and rock 'n' roll bands I was just beginning to love at their age. Tonight they'll celebrate the release of their "Squawk" 7-inch (b/w "Smile") — which is out next week via Jonas Stein's Turbo Time Records (pre-order here) — with a show at the Casa de Ben Todd. Todd is of course the honcho behind Nashville's Dead, but as far as his address goes, I was told to relay this message: "GO IF YA KNOW." Then again, it probably wouldn't be difficult for you to figure out. Here's the Facebook event page ... ahem. Stream both "Squawk" and "Smile" above, or download them for free via Fox Fun's Bandcamp page.

Anchor Thieves, Malefactors

Anchor Thieves — they of impressive package —¬†will release their debut LP Malefactors on Sept. 4, but they're already streaming it. As previously noted, the Thieves seem to have some power-pop and grunge influence — from Big Star to Dino Jr. — but in listening to the whole album, I'm hearing some similarities to the sort of melodic, Southern indie rock made popular by outfits like Band of Horses and Wax Fang. Stream all of Malefactors above or via Anchor Thieves' Bandcamp page.

Bedroom, Vivid

And finally, courtesy of We Own This Town, comes a new-to-me local project by the name of Bedroom. WOTT points out the whole "commonplace noun as a band name is whatever" thing, so let's go ahead and skip that bit. Bedroom, the project of Noah Kittinger, does in fact sound like it was made in a bedroom. It's chilled-out, gauzy, dreamy pop music. Chillwave? Maybe. Glo-fi? Potentially. Rad, ambient, electronic bedroom-pop music? Most definitely. It reminds me of the earliest efforts from fellow locals Casa Castile, and the tune "Trees" seems to be firmly planting itself in my brain as we speak. Stream Bedroom's debut Vivid above, or download it for free via Bedroom's Bandcamp page.

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