MTV Premieres The Features' 'Another One' [Fresh Vid]



What better way to kick off a killer weekend than with a brand-spankin’-new Features video? MTV Online buzzworthily premiered Middle Tennessee’s longest-loved rockers’ clip for “Another One” today, and they even made that shit embeddable. See above. In the video, directed by Ryan Newman, the band is depicted as a family of motel-dwelling musical mice interrupting trysting young lovers with the power of their stomping, triumphant rock.

SPOILER ALERT: The band meets an uncertain fate at video’s end. Let’s just say the last shot of the clip is of a cat. LOL. Luckily for us, that feline encounter happens after the song, one of the best from last year’s Wilderness, is over.

This clip got me thinking of The Mice. Anyone else here like The Mice? They were a mid-’80s teenage power-pop trio from Cleveland, and they fucking ruled. Check it out:

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