Thursday Round-Up: Poetry Sucks! Returns to Dino's, Big Freedia at Exit/In, a Couple Hip-Hop Shows and More



Here's why I did not go to work today! OK, just kidding. I'm at work, but I also never miss the opportunity to make a Nilsson reference. So, there looks to be a good spread of shows tonight, starting with the return of Poetry Sucks! to Dino's. PS! founder Chet Weise & Co. took July off from their poetry-slash-music-slash-et cetera gatherings, but if you care at all about these shindigs, tonight's a good night to go. Trust. Poetry aficionado and culture editor Steve Haruch took a break from editing culture in order to pen a Critic's Pick on it, and this is how it goes:

From his Fortress of Suckitude deep below the city of Nashville, poet-rocker Chet Weise continues to run the city’s most kick-ass poetry night, now assembled in its eighth incarnation, “The El Loco All-Local Edition,” featuring performers of Middle Tennessee provenance. Some will don lesser-known alter egos — Jem Cohen of The Ettes will sing his own material, and Heath Haynes of the Hi-Dollars (often employed as Wanda Jackson’s backing band) will read poetry. Other poem-conjurers include Heather Foster (whose bio proclaims, “When [she] says ‘you’ in her poems, she means Dwight Yoakam”), author-of-eight-books/published-many-places Gaylord Brewer, and editor of the online Lyric: A Literary Chorus, Steele Campbell. Also on the bill: fictionist Amelia Garretson-Persans, who describes herself as “related to the North American bison scholar and advocate of 19th century fame, Martin S. Garretson, aka the Sinful Maverick,” which may or may not explain why she’s reading at a cash-only dive bar to a bunch of punks and ruffians. —STEVE HARUCH

Thank you, Steve. Here's some animation done by Garretson-Persans, if you'd like to take a peek, and here's the Poetry Sucks! FB page if you want to snoop around. That one's free and starts at 8 p.m., so you can mosey on to one of these shows afterward, if you so desire ...

Big Freedia's show tonight at Exit/In will be categorically bah-donkers. Things you need to know: It's pronounced "Free-dah"; there will be asses a-plenty; Freedia's NOLA-bounce sound combines the strangely catchy but absurd and glitched-out sonics of a Tim and Eric skit with ... well, bouncing asses. Contributor Sean L. Maloney got his Critic's Pick on for that one, and here it is:

We love New Orleans’ Big Freedia, The Queen Diva of Bounce. In case you missed our Bonnaroo coverage, let me tell you: Freedia's late night set was one of the greatest things we have ever seen in Manchester. We've seen a few crowds get freaky in our day, but Freedia provoked a whirlwind of booty poppin', ass shakin’ and general mayhem that is unrivaled in our experience. It was a sea of sweaty, jiggling cheeks the likes of which we have never seen. Show up for the insanely catchy party jams, stay for the spectacle of the crowd turned upside-down. If you’re afraid you won’t be up to it, prepare by playing the Booty Battle game on Big Freedia’s website — our vote’s on the one in the green thong. Slut Party — the latest project from local musical madman Pimp Daddy Supreme — and Fly Golden Eagle open. —SEAN L. MALONEY

Mr. Maloney also penned a pick on two solid hip-hop shows that are going down this evening:

Choices! At times we long for them, but once we finally have them we're paralyzed by the thought of having to choose. Luckily, in this case at least, we don't! Tonight we’re going to run across the whole damn town because there are two fantastic hip-hop shows, and we want to revel in it all. At 12th & Porter, local performance-rights organization ASCAP is throwing their weight behind our local hip-hop heavyweights Ducko McFli, Kaby and Island Hustle Society, whose new single “Warrants” might just be the most bangin' humble brag we've heard in years. If you head due west from there straight to The End, there's even more stellar hip-hop happening with a rare performance from local doom-hop ensemble Last of the Horsemen and the man, the beard, the legend, Spoken Nerd. —SEAN L. MALONEY

Both 12th & Porter's and The End's shows kick off around 9 p.m.

None of those tickets tickles your fancy? Well, Sparkle City is spinning at Donks up on Trinity, and Wild Feathers will be over at The Basement. Get out there and see some live music. Or stay home and get your Netflix on. Again. Your call.

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