New Venue Alert: The Crying Wolf To Open in Former French Quarter Cafe Building [Updated]



Remember about 13 months back, when longtime East Side venue French Quarter Cafe closed its doors? It was a good room in a good location, and a lot of folks agreed that it was a relatively underutilized space. Well, that's neither here nor there. Word now comes our way that a handful of locals are working on a new bar that has plans to open, according to co-proprietor Jake Manny, "in mid- to late December" at the 823 Woodland St. space. (Manny, by the way, has a blog called 101 Giraffe Jokes ... certainly worthy of mentioning, I'd say.) Rumor has it that the Wolf will indeed host live music.

Details at The Crying Wolf's website and Facebook page are somewhat scant, but Manny tells the Cream that he and his fellow Crying Wolf cohorts "are just three dudes and a lady out to make an awesome space for people to have fun at." Between this, The Stone Fox and The Owl Farm, I'm digging the animal theme that all these new and forthcoming venues are taking on.

Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted.

Update: Manny got back to us with some details regarding The Crying Wolf's stage and plans for live music. Here's what he had to say:

the stage is something that will be revealed after we have been open for a bit, so as we can iron out the kinks in the bar and restaurant itself. it is a bar first and foremost. the shows will be epic, but add to, versus define the bar. we want them to be special, and events. we are trying to build a place where people have wonderful, memorable experiences. unpredictability is an important factor in that. so sometimes some awesome band you wouldn't think will be playing in east nashville. but most times you can have a drink with some friends.

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