Grimey's Plans To Expand Into 'Grimey's Too'; New Space Will Feature Book Shop, Coffee Shop and More Records




Big news for local audiophiles, bookworms and coffee junkies: We've just confirmed via Grimey's co-proprietor Doyle "D-Funk" Davis that the oft-lauded record store plans on expanding into a second location two doors south on Eighth. They'll christen the spot Grimey's Too (see their logo above). Grimey's Too — an annex of sorts, as it won't be directly connected to the current Grimey's location — will feature a coffee bar run by a local coffee business, a "full-service indie bookstore" by the name of Howlin' Books (headed up by Jessica Kimbrough) and, as you might expect, more records.

Davis tells the Cream that all sales in Grimey's Too — books, records, all of it — will be "seamless," with "everything in one place." The new spot is two stories and roughly 6,000 square feet, with "almost a full acre" back lot for more parking and potentially even bigger music events. Davis also indicated that a handful of local vendors are interested in participating in regular food-truck food courts back there, and that there will be room for al fresco seating on a patio. Davis says they have some work to do readying the place, but they've already begun moving in, and hope to open later this year. Stay tuned, there are more plans and news to come.

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