Tomato Art Fest Lineup, JEFF the Brotherhood Stuff, Birdcloud Video, Circuit Benders Ball Call for Entries, Diarrhea Planet Stuff [Bits and Pieces]


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Not so fast. We'll coast on into this here weekend before too long. But first, we've got some local bits and pieces from around the Web to toss at you. From the Tomato Art Fest's music schedule to new action from JEFF the Brotherhood, Birdcloud and more, let's round up some hot chunks of local music news to throw in your firebox, thus powering the steam locomotive that is your weekend. I'm not sure how well that analogy works, but whatever. Here we go:

* Contributor Abby White tossed a feature your way on the annual local tradition that is the Tomato Art Fest in Five Points, which of course goes down tomorrow. But gentle reader and presumed lover of the tomato Dana Delworth sent along some more info regarding the fest's full music lineup, not to mention this little note: "Todd Snider is playing for free at 8 and for the first time, PBR will be flowing in that area after 5:30." Rad. Also performing will be Hurts To Laugh, Tommy Womack and loads more. See the full schedule after the jump.

* JEFF the Brotherhood is still crushing it out there on tour in support of their Hypnotic Nights, and they want to give you some stuff. If you go to their Facebook page and post a photo of you and your pals recreating a scene from the "Sixpack" video, you can win an autographed copy of Nights. Also, if you go ahead and "like" them on FB (which I recommend doing if you "like" them IRL), you'll get a free download of their tune "Staring at the Wall." And finally, they've got another installment of their "On the Road" webisode series — in which they give you a tour of their repurposed daycare-center van — and you can see that after the jump. If you missed the first webisode, see that here.

* Goofy-ass gal gang and joke-folk duo Birdcloud have a song called "Party Randy." They played it in an East Side church parking lot, and Tim Duggan got it all on film. See that one after the jump —¬†and if you like gags about a guy who likely has substance abuse problems, get ready to split your sides!

* Remember the annual Circuit Benders Ball? It's, as Theater Intangible blogger and bending enthusiast Tony Youngblood puts it, "a day-long symposium dedicated to the art of the bend." Circuit bending of course being "the modification of battery-powered toys in order to create a smorgasbord of alien sounds." Well, the CBB will go down Sept. 29 at Brick Factory, and Mr. Youngblood is seeking submissions right here.

* And finally — primarily so that I can use the words "diarrhea" and "paste" in the same sentence, because I'm mature and classy —¬†Diarrhea Planet recently played a show at Atlanta's 529, and Paste followed them around all day. See the horseplay-heavy slideshow right here. Oh, and also, DP recently went to court, where they had to pay a $150 fine due to a noise violation. And still, they shred on.

Tomato Art Fest Music Schedule

10 a.m.: Half Brass
11 a.m.: Jessica Rae
11:30 a.m.: Aly Sutton
Noon: The Johnny Foodstamp Show
1 p.m.: Medicine Ball
2 p.m.: Hurts To Laugh
3 p.m.: Richard DuBois
4 p.m.: The Wans
5 p.m.: Fanny’s House of Music Showcase, featuring Hobo Rampage and Lilly Hiatt
6 p.m.: Rock City Birdhouse
7 p.m.: Tommy Womack and the Rush to Judgement
8 p.m.: Elmo Buzz and the Eastside Bulldogs and friends (aka Todd Snider)


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