Relive Bonnaroo 2012 as Time-Lapsed to the Sounds of Radiohead in Through the Woods



Did you miss Bonnaroo this year? Still bummed about it? Well, Through the Woods, a very short film, condenses the four-day festival experience in less than four minutes via the magic of time lapse and the music of Radiohead. Capturing and conveying the cumulative effects of disorientation, sleep deprivation, heat exhaustion and, well, other things, the in-motion, slow-shot treatment puts viewers into the shoes, or flip-flops (or bare feet), of festival-goers, giving a first-person, frame-by-frame, world-spinning-around-you feeling of what it’s like to amble through Centeroo’s summery, psychedelic maze of revelers feeding on counter-culture like ants on a carcass.

Posted by VICE Magazine’s music channel, Noisey, and directed by Matt Ornstein, the clip is set to a live rendition of the Radiohead’s piano-driven 2011 single “The Daily Mail” and culminates with gorgeous footage of the band's EPIC headlining set.

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