Duff McKagan Interviews Jack White for Seattle Weekly



Yes, "Duff McKagan interviews Jack White" does sound like a bit that an impressionist might do. But in this case, it's a real thing. As fans of Guns N' Roses' founding bassist likely already know, McKagan pens a weekly column for the Pacific Northwest's finest alt-weekly, Seattle Weekly. Weekly. While McKagan isn't on the scribe end of a lot of interviews ("I've never done an interview per se, but I've been interviewed a million times," in his own words), he recently sat down with Nashville's most high-profile adopted son, Jack White. The two talked about lyrical inspiration, "riffs and musical beds," Mark Lanegan, Wanda Jackson, late-night inspiration, Hunt Sales and Soupy Sales, Iggy Pop and more. Also, in his intro, McKagan compares JW's style of creative output to those of Steve Jobs, Prince, Clint Eastwood and John Lennon. It's a pretty interesting Q&A, and you can read the whole thing right here.

SW editor Chris Kornelis was on the phone for DM and JW's chat, and he also managed to sneak in a couple of questions there at the end —┬áincluding this bit, in which Kornelis asks White about his personal relationship with God, or "God," or "god," or whatever you want to call that. Anyway, certainly White's most interesting interview since he sat down with Marc Maron.

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