Tristen Does Live and Reel; Fancytramp, Thelma and the Sleaze, Scale Model and More Do Music City Shake Down; Another Poly Performance [Vidsy Bits]



* The fine folks over at Live and Reel are back with another installment in their in-studio performance vid series, and this one features local pop songstress Tristen. T-Bird is rolling solo in this go-round, performing two cuts from last year's acclaimed Charlatans at the Garden Gate with just her God-given pipes and her trusty Epiphone. See "Doomsday" above and "Wicked Heart" after the jump. Here's the link to your free MP3 of "Doomsday," should you want to add that gem to your library.

* Like we said, there's a new public access show in town that goes by the name of Music City Shake Down. MCSD has already filmed a couple of episodes, and if you drift on over to their YouTube channel, you can see "performances" from neo-grungers Fancytramp and Thelma and the Sleaze, synthy dance popsters Scale Model, heavy, far-out psych rockers Thunder Brother and indie-rock troupe Calicocat. I put "performances" in quotes because — in the style of Public Image Ltd. on American Bandstand — the bands are just pantomiming along to tracks of their tunes. But they of course have fun with it. See a handful of those clips after the jump. Shake Down airs on Channel 19, and you can follow along with their schedule and so forth at the official MCSD Facebook page.

* And finally, local sweetie-pie retro-pop trio Poly has yet another live performance vid. This one, like "Sidewalk Chalk" and "Parachute," was shot at Joel McAnulty's home studio, Phantom Farmercy. The Spin attended Poly's release show at Zombie Shop on Saturday night, so you can read about that here in a bit. But for now, see them doing "Give It a Go" after the jump.

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