Quichenight Record Release Feat. Fancytramp and New Pleasure Tonight at The End; See 'Infinity Bends' Vid [Fresh Vid]



So Quichenight's highly anticipated sophomore album, Quichenight II, is out today via Sturdy Girls Records. I suggest you poke around over at The Quiche's Bandcamp page, and watch their new video for the tune "Infinity Bends" above. Quichenight will celebrate their release with a show tonight at The End, and I wrote a pick on it. Like to hear it? Here it goes:

East Nashville-dwelling guitarist and funnyman Brett Rosenberg has put in some serious time as a sideman — he’s played with The Joiners, Graham Parker, The Rudds and The Figgs — not to mention some time making my Lucayan salads as a Calypso Cafe employee. Rosenberg is now releasing his second record — third, if you count his A Very Quichey Christmas cassette — and it’s a follow-up to Quichenight I titled, quite logically, Quichenight II (out today via Sturdy Girls Records). The album marries the lo-fi, DIY, bedroom-recorded aesthetic of indie-rock gods Guided by Voices with a guitar-driven take on the power pop of Big Star or Squeeze, or perhaps a less sex-obsessed Marc Bolan. And as you might expect with a band called Quichenight, it’s jovial, witty and brightly clever, thanks to tunes like “Sweep Myself off My Feet” (“Enjoy O’Doul’s at the Sheraton bar / I love the feeling and the smell of a rental car”). In fact, it’s difficult to tell if some of these lyrics are wry indictments of the local rock scene’s insularity, or just lighthearted goof-offs. Either way, the bobbing progression of “Infinity Bends” is impossibly catchy, and there are some extremely great guitar parts here. Fellow locals Fancytramp and New Pleasure will also play. D. PATRICK RODGERS

Costs you $5, kicks off at Rock O'Clock.

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