SoundLand, Slated for Oct. 6 at The Lawn at Riverfront Park (and Elsewhere?), Releases Earlybird Tickets [Updated]



If, like mine, your Twitter feed was awash with Olympics-related tweets last night (USA! USA!), you may have missed a pair of dispatches from the folks at SoundLand (Tweet No. 1, Tweet No. 2) announcing that earlybird tickets for this year's festival are now on sale. Despite the fact that an initial announcement (reported here) listed the scheduled dates as Oct. 3-6, 2012, the folks at SoundLand have now officially proclaimed that the Music City-based fest — in its seventh year, if you count the five years it was called "Next Big Nashville" — will be a one-day event in 2012. It's set to take place on Oct. 6.

Earlybird tickets are, for the time being, on sale for $30 at this link. "You have 48 hours to save 30% on the first ticket price!" say the 'Landers. You'll also notice that the venue is listed as being The Lawn at Riverfront Park. Now, I've heard some rumors regarding the venue(s) that will participate in this year's SoundLand, not to mention a sizable rumor about who the headliner will be. But I'm not about to tell tales out of school, so check back with us tomorrow, Aug. 2, when SoundLand says they'll "share lineup, ticket and location details" in an official capacity. The question is this: Are you willing to drop a blind 30 bones before you know the lineup? There's your worm, earlybirds. You make the call.

Update, 1:30 p.m., Aug. 1: I just spoke with SoundLand honcho Jason Moon Wilkins via phone, and while we have to hold off until tomorrow for that official announcement, he offered me some hints and various vague statements about this year's festivities. First of all, he says, "The headliner has played the main stage at Bonnaroo in the past two years." That pretty much confirms my suspicions, but what do you think? Arcade Fire? Stevie Wonder? My Morning Jacket? Radiohead? Widespread Panic? Phish? Eminem? Wilkins also says "a supergroup that has played very few shows" will be a part of SoundLand 2012, and that the main venue for this year's fest actually won't technically be Riverfront Park, but something nearby. Intriguing, no? Wilkins also says he intends for SoundLand henceforth to be "more like Music Midtown and less like South by Southwest." And finally, it appears as though there won't be much in the way of a conference this year, but there is a "really cool plan" for its return in 2013. Hints!

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