Dr. Phil Was at Hoobastank's Exit/In Show Last Night


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So, if you like rock 'n' roll music that lands between "Quite" and "Extremely" on the "General Goodness" scale, there's a strong chance you were at Guided by Voices' Marathon Music Works show with Turbo Fruits last night. The majority of Team Cream was there, and The Spin's review of that one will be coming along shortly. But there was a rock show of a radically different ilk going on over at Exit/In: post-grunging alterna-bros Hoobastank with Stellar Revival and Stars in Stereo (look at all the stars!).

If you were at said Exit/In show, then first of all, welcome to Nashville Cream. Perhaps your "Hoobastank" Google Alert brought you here? And second of all, if you think you might have seen television personality and towering, mustachioed celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw there, you are correct. But no, he isn't just a Hoobastank fan. McGraw's son Jordan is Stars in Stereo's guitarist. Anyway, Stars in Stereo is (surprise!) a compressed, chuggy, MOR sort of alterna-pop-rock outfit (hear a handful of their tunes after the jump ... yowzer) that sometimes covers NIN's "Closer." A Google search of "Dr. Phil" and "Stars in Stereo" turns up all sorts of junk, including this pretty brutal comment on an Absolute Punk thread:

This is what happens when your parents tell you that you "can do anything you want". Jordan McGraw is using his dad's (Dr. Phil) money to buy his dream. Kind of a slap in the face to all the bands who put in the elbow grease. They out of nowhere are touring in a bus opening up for The Used, kind of raises a lot of questions.

Ouch. We can indeed confirm that McGraw the Younger sleeps in a bunk on a bus. When reached for comment regarding Dr. Phil's presence at Exit/In last night, Exit employee Jesse Baker had this to say: "Discovering he wasn't simply a huge Hoobastank fan was a bummer."


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