Photos of the Week: The IRS Auction of Young Buck's Possessions




As we reported earlier this week, the IRS auction of several of Nashville-residing hip-hop artist and onetime Scene coverboy Young Buck's possessions went down today, July 26, at a location on Metroplex Drive.

Local photographer and dude-about-town Garland Gallaspy (CEO, Dreams Unlimited) attended the auction, where he snapped and sent along some iPhone pics of various items being sold. According to Gallaspy, "All in all, the IRS got $53,000" for all of Buck's former items. Gallaspy himself purchased "the most poignant ones," including "[Buck's] wallet, framed Tennessean clippings and a street sign that reads 'Blvd. of Broken Dreams.'" The TN clips, by the way, were penned by occasional Scene contributor Nicole Keiper, and cost Gallaspy $20 — 20 times the original price of a paper, I believe. See shots of some of Buck's ice, a Louis Vuitton (or, more likely, imitation Louis Vuitton) gun holster and more after the jump. As I noted, the trustee administering Buck's estate says she intends to "sell the trademarked 'Young Buck' name," so who knows if this is the last time we can even call the guy Young Buck. Pour one out.






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