Suspicion That It's a Slow News Day Confirmed by This Footage From the Air Guitar Regionals at The Rutledge



We were certainly happy this morning to announce the Cream's Sixth Anniversary Party coming up at Mercy and The High Watt. But now, after having done a couple of laps around the Internet — local-music blogosphere and otherwise — I'm seeing that there's little else to report, and even less upon which to muse. So what is it? Is it the heat? I must admit, after walking from my house to my vehicle this morning, I founds that the hotness made me brains less worky than usual. So perhaps the same thing is happening, collectively, to the local music scene. Shrug.

Anyway, whatever, did you know that the regional US Air Guitar Championship finals were held at The Rutledge on July 12? Gold wrote a pick on it (pasted after the jump for good measure). As expected, entrants tragically born without a proper sense of shame gathered to showboat their "skills," crack beers, gallivant in their skivvies, defy physics (a lot of those imaginary axes seem awfully flexible) and generally behave in a guitarded fashion. See a clip above, courtesy of 102.9-FM The Buzz — Buzz Rock Girl Ashley and Buzz personality Chad Barron judged the competish. The official U.S. Air Guitar site has a review of the show, and it seems they were pretty disappointed in the turnout and the judges' ... um, judging abilities. "When the judges spoke (they were also seated in the back and were unlit) it kinda felt like God was talking," wrote blogger Doug "The Thunder" Stroock. "A really sort of stupid God that didn’t know anything about air guitar or how to judge a show." LOL. Stroock also apparently won the competition, which begs the question: Do conflicts of interest exist in air journalism?

See the trailer for the absurd and mostly entertaining 2006 film Air Guitar Nation after the jump. And by the way, if you're a local band, today might be a pretty primo day to send along a fresh vid or something. I'll probably post it.

While many Nashvillians dream of global rock stardom, others simply long to join the ranks of famed air guitarists Bill S. Preston, Esq., and “Ted” Theodore Logan. It’s those aspiring Wyld Stallyns who will descend upon The Rutledge tonight to compete in the 10th annual regional U.S. Air Guitar Championships. Power slides, windmills, mid-solo “oh” faces and onstage charisma have never mattered more than they will here, where staying in tune and nailing notes means nothing. Hopefuls will get an 8 Mile-worthy minute-long shot to wow judges and win a chance to compete at the National Finals in Denver, and ultimately a chance to compete at the World Championships in, of all places, Oulu, Finland. According to U.S. Air Guitar’s official site, “air roadies are allowed but must leave the stage before the performance.” Even if the competitor breaks a string? Oh, wait. —ADAM GOLD

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