OutOfFocus.TV Profiles Natural Child, PUJOL Jams in a Van at Bonnaroo, MTV Hive Debuts Turbo Fruits' 'Harley Dollar Bill$' [Media Bits]



* For their "American Music" series, Californian "web channel for your living room" OutOfFocus.TV recently profiled local blooze-boogieing rock 'n' roll outfit Natural Child in a nine-minute clip that you can see above. The OOF.TV crew followed Natty C to shows in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, where Wes, Seth and Zack talked and goofed in characteristic Nat-Childian fashion about playing, touring, drinking, pooping, working, not working, cat urine and being a blue-collar, American band. There are actually a couple of touching moments in there too, not to mention some choice live footage. See also: The Spin's recent recap of NC at the VFW, and NC's recently released "B$G P$MP$N."

* During this year's 'Roo, the folks at Bonnaroo 365 filmed a series of intimate performances for their Jam in a Van series, and guess where they did it! In a van. Among the performers was Daniel Pujol of Nashville's own PUJOL, who did a little number by the name of "Reverse Vampire" —¬†which, as you may recall, Mr. Pujol once upon a time performed for the Cream's own Conference Call series — as well as "Keeper of Atlantis," one of my personal faves. See both vids after the jump. In case you forgot, all these songs are about Ben Todd.

* And last, but certainly not least, MTV Hive recently debuted Turbo Fruits' brand-new tune, "Harley Dollar Bill$." It's the first single off the Fruits' forthcoming Serpents and Snakes debut, Butter, but the 7-inch, black-and-gold vinyl has already sold out. Anyway, you can still hear the track over at the Hive, where you can also see an interview with lead Fruit Jonas Stein. The interview, like the song, is motorcycle-centric. Get psyched, gearheads, greasemonkeys and ... um, axelrods. Butter hits stores Sept. 11. Hear also: "Love Tennessee" from Turbo Fruits' recent split with Bad Cop.

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