Some Old Bullsh*t: Fecal Matter's I'm Bleeding and It's Funny Cassette Demo




For the past few years, I’ve used a Blogspot called Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be to upload old records from little punk scenes around the Southern U.S. I’ve been given the green light to expand this endeavor onto the Cream for those of you itching to relive Nashville’s old school punk scene, or just dig the contemporary folk art of local punk communities of yore.

Our first installment is a cassette demo from early '90s punk trio Fecal Matter. This particularly lineup features Erik and Roger Holcombe (High Strung, Hans Condor) and Jonathan Morrell (Admiral's Club) ripping through some haphazard, home-recorded punk-rock jams. A more accurate description was provided by Morrell himself via Facebook:

Fecal Matter started in 93-94 with me on bass, Roger Holcombe on drums and Erik Holcombe on guitar/vocals. We set out to basically rip of[f] Nirvana but weren't very good at it so we just played faster.

We put out probably 8 tapes runs of 50 or less, most of which were traded for donuts in our school cafeteria. Sometime around late 96 I believe we put out a 7 inch on House O Pain records. Right at that time we changed the name to High Strung and added Dallas Thomas on guitar.

Thomas, if you're not aware, later played in Asschapel and is currently the guitarist for Chicago-based metal outfit Pelican. Here's a stream of the aforementioned cassette demo in true cassette style — meaning you're going to have to scrub forward if you want to skip a track.

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