D. Striker's RR Bash Tonight at The Basement, Hear 'Baby's Coming Back to Me' and 'Owls and Eagles' [Fresh Tracks]



If you've lived in Nashville for more than 17 seconds, I'm afraid you just have no excuse to be unfamiliar with D. Striker. (Here, visit our archives for a crash-course.) Rather than remind you about how the yellow-clad, LOL-peddling Striker lives at the crossroads where Music City's big country machine and underground scene meet, I figured I'd just share with you his promo vid for tonight's show (above), along with a couple of fresh tracks (below).

Stream "Baby's Coming Back to Me" and "Owls and Eagles" below, or download them for a price of your choosing over at Striker's Bandcamp page. Tonight —¬†as he does every Friday the 13th — D. will play a show and release the latest copy of his zine, RR. This go-round is at The Basement, and Dirt Heavy and Leroy Powell and the Stone Jack Ballers share the bill. By the way, Striker, let me know if you want to start a local supergroup with myself, rock 'n' rollers D. Watusi and rapper Dee Goodz. Captain D's? 4D? Rollin' in the D's? OK ... name pending.

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