American Idol's Corey Clark Sues MTV and Viacom, Newsboys Sue New Boyz [Lawsuit Round-Up]



Well, it doesn't appear as though there are any new developments in The Black Keys' cases against Pizza Hut and Home Depot — as you may recall, the two companies and their respective ad agencies stand accused of ripping off two different Keys tunes, both of them from last year's El Camino. Nevertheless, the music world is one swimming with lawyers, choked with cease-and-desists and flanked with various allegations. Here are two that recently floated to the top:

* Our colleagues at The City Paper recently reported that "former American Idol contestant and Middle Tennessee resident Corey Clark is suing Viacom and MTV in a $42.2 million libel suit." You read that number correctly. Forty-two-point-two million. Personally, I don't reserve a lot of brainspace for remembering the names of AI contestants, but once I read that Clark is the dude who claimed he had an illicit affair with Idol judge Paula Abdul a few years back, a bell was rung. Anyway, CP reports that this guy is suing Viacom and MTV because MTV News reporter Jim Cantiello can't stop doing things like calling Clark an "alleged sister-beater" who makes "laughably bad" music. The "sister-beater" thing stems from domestic assault charges against Clark that were "dropped for lack of evidence," the CP says, and I presume that the "laughably bad" bit comes from what reporter Cantiello's ears told his brain upon hearing Clark's music. Overall, Clark's suit accuses MTV and Viacom of "defamation, trade libel, misappropriation of image, trade malpractice, false light invasion of privacy and injurious falsehood."

* Remember The Newsboys? Actually, if you didn't have an upbringing like mine, maybe you've never heard of them in the first place. They're a Christian pop-rock outfit that was founded in Australia but has a member turnover rate comparable to that of Menudo. Well, our colleagues at Nashville Post report that "Newsboys owner and manager Wesley Campbell" of Franklin, Tenn., recently filed a suit against hip-hop outfit New Boyz. Campbell's lawsuit claims trademark infringement, saying that the New Boyz “knowingly and willfully” infringed upon Newsboys' name. The worst part (or best, depending upon your sense of humor) is that prospective fans are now allegedly confusing the two outfits. You see, while The Newsboys have albums with names like God's Not Dead and In the Hands of God, New Boyz have lyrics like "You want a New Boy in you" and "She just tryin' to fuck comfortably." You can imagine how this might have some well-meaning grandmas up in arms.

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