NPR Streams JEFF the Brotherhood's Hypnotic Nights, JEFF Also Featured on Pitchfork TV



Come tomorrow, Nashville — and the world — is just a week away from the release of JEFF the Brotherhood’s major label debut Hypnotic Nights, but fans eagerly awaiting a first listen of the record with bated breath need not wait until then to satisfy their hankerin’ for some hard Music City rock. Nights is online and available for free (legal!) streaming NOW, as part of NPR’s First Listen series. I’m already five tracks in, and so far this record is totally making me wish I’d gotten high before heading into the office.

At first glance, Nights is both the band’s poppiest and most musically ambitious effort to date — just think the sunny Sunday afternoon equivalent of the creepy dark night that was the brothers Orrall’s last record, We Are the Champions. Here the band continues down Champions’ path of adding more studio instrumentation and sonic layers on top of its raw, propulsive riff rock. The Orralls are also really taking their fetish for pre-Y2K Weezer and running with it, in a good way. But don’t just take my word for it — hear it for yourself here.

In other JEFF news, last week Pitchfork TV featured the band in the Street Dork segment of its weekly news roundup (embedded above). In it, Elliot Aronow (dork) spins the Hypnotic Nights single “Sixpack” for the cool kids in line to get their Michael Phelps on at Brooklyn’s McCarren Pool, and gets some cold, on-spot reactions to the tune in the process.

When asked to describe what they’d imagine a video for the song looking like, multiple on-street interviewees answer with girls in bikinis chilling, drinking beer, eating ice cream and whatnot. They sure called that one right! Aronow’s next question, “What kind of drugs do you think they take?” yields stabs at beer (no doy!), weed and cocaine. Of course, the girl who makes the coke comment also imagines that band’s members are laid-back dudes in their 30s, so …

Luckily Pitchfork gets some slightly more well-considered interview responses from the J-Bros themselves in a following Shootin’ the Shit segment, complete with some none-too-subtle product placement from a certain King of Beers. In it we learn that Jake is the more competitive of the two Orralls and, par for the course, can out-drink Jamin. Most miraculously, we learn that Insane Clown Posse’s Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J “have [the Orralls’] backs for 100 years.” Also, the title Hypnotic Nights is reference to the hypnotic jams the pair has, at night.

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