Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, 'Bleeding Tongue' [Fresh Vid + Fresh Track]



It's Friday — seems like a good day for a highly sanguineous fresh vid and its accompanying track, no? Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes are a gaggle of Midwestern boys now calling Music City home, and they've got an album called Civilized Man. Oh, also, frontman Ellsworth was in an outfit called The Collective (alongside some familiar locals including Ruby Amanfu) on that show The Sing-Offhere they are doing a sassy Adele cover.

Anyhow, Ellsworth and the Lakes have a newish video for their tune "Bleeding Tongue," and you can see it above. It was directed by Motke Dapp, and as far as I can tell, it revolves around some baddies who are after Ellsworth's blood-saturated scribblings. The song itself — which undulates between a sauntering sort of mid-tempo, blues pop-powered verse and a double-time, dance-pop chorus — is available via Soundcloud or below. The tune is in fact called "Bleeding Tongue" (singular), but it looks like the Lakes' people labeled it "Bleeding Tongues" (plural). So, be advised or whatever. (The title has been corrected.) Enjoy!

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