Happy Independence Day, See You on Thursday



Hardworking batch of Americans that we are, we at the Scene/Cream will be taking the day off to spend time with our friends and families. (Let's be honest, I'm slamming brewskies poolside as you read this.) We'll be back tomorrow, but if you just can't go a day without your Cream fix, here's a few recent posts to tide you over:

* Contemporary country music is ... sigh
* JEFF's latest video is rife with male nudity
* Win a pair of guest-list spots to Those Darlins' show Friday at The End
* Fresh tracks from Natural Child, Ayebawl, Tropical Punk and The Weakenders
* Seth Graves thinks your band sucks
* Sean L. Maloney is temporarily obsessed with DJ Premier
* The Spin peeps Bombino
* The Chris Crofton Show, Episode 95. Ding! Oh wait ... the bell's gone.
* Ashley Spurgeon's predicted summer jams
* The Spin peeps Explosions in the Sky

Have fun, and be safe out there.

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