JEFF the Brotherhood's 'Sixpack' [Fresh Vid]



Well, you already heard JEFF the Brotherhood's "Sixpack" in MP3 form, and now it's time to take a look at its appropriately beer-guzzling, pot-addled, wang-brandishing video. The video for "Sixpack" — directed by local auteurs Michael Carter and Elise Tyler — premiered just this morning via Pitchfork, and in addition to some members of the Local Rockerati — Richie (of Ri¢hie), Makenzie Green (of Birdcloud), Jessica McFarland and Mimi Galbierz (of Heavy Cream), Cy Barkley (of Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders and King Karl), Courtney Jaye (of Courtney Jaye), Daniel Severs (of PUJOL) and more — it features drinking, canoeing (is that the Harpeth?), cannonballing, doobin' it up, driving, shotgunning and fireside chilling. Not necessarily in that order. There's also a mild amount of male nudity, but nothing you guys can't hang with. Wink.

As you'll all of course recall, "Sixpack" is the lead-off single from JEFF's forthcoming Dan Auerbach-produced LP, Hypnotic Nights, which will be released July 17 via Warner Bros.

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