Public Access Show Music City Shake Down To Begin Filming July 7 With Heavy Cream, Fancytramp and DJ Papa Bear



Here's another one from the Department of Going Places to Help People Film Things (which reminds me, if you're reading this before noon on July 2, you've still got time to go help The Non-Comms shoot their music video). On July 7, some locals, including (full disclosure) Scene freelance photog Diana Lee Zadlo, will be shooting a public access show they're calling Music City Shake Down. The show's first four episodes — set to air on Channel 19 — will be filmed at the NECAT Network HQ at Nashville State and feature performances from local rock outfits Heavy Cream and Fancytramp, plus a DJ set from Papa Bear, a "karaoke all-star spectacular" and "more bands and DJs TBA." There's a Facebook event page with all the details, but here's a start:

Please come at 3 to get signed into the studio, get a name tag (wow!), which you don't have to wear on camera, eat lots of awesome delicious free food! and if you desire, get fabulous. How long you stay is up to you but our dance party will be about 2 1/2 hours.

Some costuming may be provided but we recommend you bring a few outfits if you're into it, as we'll be filming 4 different episodes.

Please RSVP so we have an accurate head count; we may need to put a cap on our dancers. Not literally of course...until we get merch!

Anyhoo, please note that the NECAT studio is at Nashville State Community College's campus, and alcohol, drugs and cigarettes (even electronic ones) are STRICTLY prohibited anywhere on campus! We are responsible for your adherence to that policy so please show us some love and keep it at home :)

The party is free, all-ages and goes until 8 p.m. If the promo video (see it above) is any indication, there will indeed be costumery, rump-shakery and good vibery. Also, nice Millennium Falcon shirt, guy.

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