Help The Non-Commissioned Officers Film a Music Video Monday, July 2, at Brick Factory



I know you once had dreams — dreams of stardom, dreams of success. You thought you'd be a music-video starlet or ... um, man starlet. But those dreams rusted away like so much front-yard jalopy. Or did they?

Local New Wavy rock outfit The Non-Commissioned Officers will film a music video on Monday, July 2, at local art/event space Brick Factory, and they need some warm bodies — to act as extras, that is. There's a Facebook event page with all the pertinent deets. Here are the essentials:

WHAT: Extras Needed for Noncoms Music Video Shoot, Lights, Lasers, Pizza and Drinks provided!!!

When: Monday July 2nd @ 12:15pm-3:15pm

Where: Brickfactory Nashville @ Cummins Station

Who: Anyone, Everyone, You!

Please wear dark or black attire.

If you plan on attending please email Andy Duensing - adunzing[at]gmail[dot]com

Dark attire? Pizza? What is this, a music video shoot or a Dungeons and Dragons marathon? All right, that joke was exceptionally wack, even by my standards. Anyway, you have all weekend to think up an excuse for skipping work. Make it count. Brick Factory is located in Cummins Station at 209 10th Ave. S. Ste. 126, and there are some special instructions for entering the building at that afore-linked FB event page.

Hear the exceptional "Ahead of the Wave" from last year's Money Looking for Thieves after the jump. I don't know if that's the song the video will be for or anything, I just think we could all stand to hear that tune right now.

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