Tonight's Poetry Sucks! at Dino's Will Feature Music by Coupler, Comedy by Chris Crofton, Art by Rachel Briggs and More



If there's one thing that the (Ironically? Sardonically? Sarcastically? Lambaste-ically?) named monthly Poetry Sucks! event proves, it's that poetry — at least on a local scale — does not, in fact, suck. That's in part thanks to P.S.! host Chet Weise's willingness to dip into other areas of the local arts scene(s), tying the written word together with music and, now, visual art and comedy.

Tonight's Poetry Sucks! — the seventh installment — will feature the dark, wraithlike soundscapes of Ryan Norris' Coupler (you may know Norris from his sideman gigs with Cortney Tidwell, KORT, Lambchop, The Privates and Forrest Bride), the incorrigibly irreverent, society-skewering ramblings of Chris Crofton (you may know Crofton from his Chris Crofton Show, "broadcast" every week here on the Cream), Rachel Briggs' shadowy, haunted series of works Sinister South, which "explores fabricated folklore visions and tall-tale haunts" (you may know Briggs for her art-directory at American Songwriter, for designing all of the Poetry Sucks! fliers or for her various photographings), and the poetry of Joshua Marie Wilkinson (who is new to me, but you may know him from one of his five books, which have names like Lug Your Careless Body out of the Careful Dusk and The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth). Culture editor Steve Haruch penned a Critics' Pick for us, and this is how it goes:

If you go, you already know: Poetry Sucks! is the realest, grittiest poetry series going in Nashville. Or at least it’s the one most likely to involve the sizzle and aroma of hamburger. Like its ramshackle environs, P.S.! is at once utilitarian and inspiring, and this month’s roster — poet Joshua Marie Wilkinson (University of Arizona by way of Seattle), comedian Chris Crofton (The Chris Crofton Show by way of Nashville Cream) and musical guest Coupler (aka Ryan Norris, by way of Lambchop/Hands Off Cuba infamy) — will not lead your cultural, artistic or patty-based hunger astray. There’s also beer! P.S.! No. 7 will also serve as an art opening for the talented Rachel Briggs, who’s designed every one of the series’ terrific posters and — full disclosure — is my next-door neighbor. —STEVE HARUCH

Starts at 8 p.m. and ends early enough for you to get your ass over to Bombino at The Zombie Shop. It's free, and there's a Facebook event page. And because it's the Internet and I can do that sort of thing, you'll find samples of Coupler's dreamy music, Briggs' stunning art, Crofton's gloriously embittered comedy and Wilkinson's nebulous, nocturnal poetry after the jump.

Coupler's America in the Coming Age of Electronics

Tonight marks the opening of Briggs' Sinister South exhibit.

I've probably seen Crofton's act north of 20 times, but somehow I'd never seen the above clip. What a nightmarish crowd.

"Poem for Mathias Svalina" by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

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