Bad Cop Premieres 'Wet Lips' Vid via Prefix, Turbo Fruits Premiere 'Love Tennessee' via Prefix [Fresh Vid + Fresh Track]



Bad Cop and fresh vids — especially fresh vids of a sexy nature — go together like Mitt Romney and gaffes: You can pretty much count on seeing one every month. Last we heard from the garage punkers, it was for their "Gloom Bank" video. Now they've got a vid for their tune "Wet Lips" (hey now), and it, like "Gloom Bank," was directed by Cream contributor Seth Graves. "Wet Lips" debuted over at Prefix Mag, wherein it was called a "vintage psychedelic romp." Nubile bodies and trippy effects abound.

"Wet Lips" will be featured on a forthcoming 7-inch split with Turbo Fruits, out July 15 (July 31 at brick-and-mortar shops) via Jeffery Drag Records. The Fruits' contribution to the split is a groovy mid-tempo burner by the name of "Love Tennessee," and the track debuted today also via Prefix. It's about digging Tennessee and drinking beers, and there's a cool little dexterous bridge at the halfway point that I particularly enjoy. Hear Turbo Fruits' "Love Tennessee" below, and watch Bad Cop's "Wet Lips" above.

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