Power Outage at Marathon Music Works Cuts Last Night's Keane Show Short



NES repairing the damaged transformer
  • NES repairing the damaged transformer
During last night's Keane appearance at Marathon Music Works, a power outage forced the British piano-pop balladeers to cut their set short. The outage occurred when a transformer outside of MMW caught fire about six songs into Keane's set, melting a wire (or a "service," as it's called) that supplied power to the building. (This site reports that the PA first gave out during Keane's "Silenced by the Night," which would of course be incredibly appropriate.)

The Cream spoke with venue owner Chris Cobb, who echoed the info provided in MMW's official release (see it after the jump). But here's the long and short: Shortly into Keane's set, a newly replaced transformer caught fire just outside of the building — Cobb spotted a "little bit of flame," which soon "went out on its own." When that service melted, it cut off power to certain parts of the building but not others. While some lights remained on, for instance, the PA was completely out. Cobb was forced to make an announcement that the show would not continue via the building's evacuation system, and the crowd exited via the back of the club.

Cobb assures me that the safety of the attendees was of course his first priority (even though there was reportedly "no threat of fire to the building"), and while the situation basically amounts to a force majeure and a bit of especially bad luck, he noted a few "silver linings" — among them the fact that there was "no internal turmoil whatsoever" between the production crew, promoters AC Entertainment or Keane themselves. Also, opener Patrick Watson set up outside and performed an impromptu set for attendees, with the guys from Keane coming out to shake hands and sign autographs. Cobb and the rest of the MMW staff are currently answering questions at 615-891-1781, and are "very sorry Keane fans were not able to see the entire performance."

Marathon Music Works posted an official statement at their Facebook page — along with a picture of an NES crew repairing the damage, which you can see at right. Read the statement after the jump.

Six songs into Keane’s set last night diminished power forced the band to conclude their performance. “The lights started to dim and I heard the PA go out and immediately received a radio call from security that the transformer outside of our building was on fire.” says MMW production manager Tom Crowley. The Nashville Fire department was on the scene in a matter of minutes & explained there was no threat of fire to the building but that a wire from the transformer to the building had burned / melted. Venue staff and security personnel decided to evacuate the building as a precautionary measure only. “I was certain that there was no threat to anyone in the building or the building itself but I felt it best to conduct a relaxed evacuation. Safety is our number one concern always, so we made that call,” says Chris Cobb, venue owner.

Nashville Electric Service upgraded the problem transformer 2 weeks prior to last night’s incident. The NES techs on the scene last night explained that the service to the building, which are the wires leading from the transformer to the building, needed to be upgraded as well and were the cause of the incident. They proceeded to replace the one wire that caught fire, restoring full power to the building and will replace the entire service Monday. Members of the Keane & Patrick Watson signed autographs, talked to fans, and performed in the parking lot after the show. We’re very sorry Keane fans were not able to see the entire performance. It was a great show & we hate that circumstances out of our control cut it short. Thank you for you Nashville for your continued support of Marathon Music Works. Please call us at 891-1781 with any questions.

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