The Sophisticated Yeti Explains His Art on the Kitty Pryde EP



As the progenitor of Tumblr-Wave, a genre too stupid-sounding to exist (and yet — according to Wikipedia and VICE — does), Floridian teenage rapper Kitty Pryde went from totally unknown to Internet Famous™ in roughly the space of time it takes to poke a stranger on Facebook. Pryde rhymes like she's living in the Summer of Dreamz all year long, lazily tackling the kind of cutesy suburban-white-girl subject matter I'd expect to overhear from my 20-year-old stepsister — names drawn in hearts on binders, Ring Pops, “Call Me, Maybe.”

Pryde released her debut EP haha i'm sorry about a week-and-a-half ago to the same kind of bemused interest/genuine puzzlement that her video for “Okay Cupid” received. It also happens to feature cover art by Bohemian Hype Cult member and occasional Nashvillian Owen “The Sophisticated Yeti” Parsons. That's weird, right? I thought so too.

I hit up Parsons on GChat yesterday to talk about getting hooked up with Kitty Pryde, Internet fame and Bohemian Hype Cult.

Nashville Cream: So. This Kitty Pryde thing. How'd that happen?

Sophisticated Yeti: Haha, I had seen her Bandcamp before and completely forgot about it. When the "Okay Cupid" video got released I tweeted at her that she should let me do her EP cover. A few things happened through Facebook, and next thing I know I'm doing Kitty Pryde's EP cover. I made a custom theme for her phone — I think that's what really secured the job, hahaha.

NC: That's the most intense phone background I've ever seen.

SY: Yeah, I realllly wanted to do art for her, hahah.

NC: This was before she got all Internet famous, right?

SY: It was right at the beginning of it, like within days of "Okay Cupid" being released.

NC: That must be a weird thing to be at the ground floor of.

SY: For sure. People add me on Facebook and I have no clue who they are, then I figure out they're Kitty fans. It's cool though, because I really like a lot of the other people that worked on the EP, and they all added me on Facebook and followed me on Twitter and stuff.

NC: The cover art for the EP does a really good job of explaining exactly what Kitty Pryde is and what she rhymes about. How'd the art itself come together?

SY: Very quickly, haha. At first it had a different title, but I couldn't get anything solid done. Then one day she hit me up and said she was changing the title to “haha, i'm sorry.” She said she wanted it to look like notebook paper so I just went with that.

She was really set on kawaii, and I didnt even know what that was. Had to ask my sisters, hahaha. It was like three days before the EP came out, so I was stressing.

NC: Ha, yeah, it does look like what a teenager would doodle while bored in math class or something. So, are you in Nashville or in NC? I saw that you did the cover art for Dee Goodz's new tape.

SY: I'm back home in NC for summer, then I'll be back in Nashville. Yeah that Dee Goodz cover was cool to do. I like how it came out.

NC: One last thing. You're associated with Bohemian Hype Cult, right? I don't actually know a whole lot about BHC, aside from a couple videos and the Bandcamp page. Can you tell me what that's all about?

SY: Yeah. BHC is Treekeeper (producer), Macro (rapper), Trillbee the Hooligan (videographer, photographer, artist), and The Sophisticated Yeti (artist). We're basically just trying to be able to approach all creative situations from all angles. We work with a lot of different people around Nashville. individually and as BHC, then at times we release projects together, like the Welcome to Bohemia EP.

That way we can all focus on personal projects while always being able to put out music/videos/art as a collective. It's whole lot easier for everybody to grow when we don't have to be stuck in a box of "what" exactly BHC is, haha. Because, really, to me BHC is just a bunch of really, really creative kids that know a lot about how things work and how important collaboration and a constant flow of content can be.

NC: Awesome. Well, I think that's about all I've got. Thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it. Anything else I should know about?

SY: Word! Thanks for the interview man! Really cool of you to do it! Also BHC works a lot with Heavy Heads, which I'm also a member of so look out for some releases coming from Heavy Heads too. Oh, and of course a shout out to #biddiegang they dyed my hair purple last night! Hahaha, that's all.

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