The Week in Fresh Tracks [Brandon Jazz with Hanzelle and Cherub, Reid Magette, Grand Strand, Quichenight, Fancytramp]



Bing, bang, boom! Once again, it's time to cull some fresh local tracks. Rarely does a week go by here at Nashville Cream in which we don't see a handful of local outfits pitching new tunes our way. Hear some of the latest below. And as always, if your band has fresh tracks you'd like to share with us, hit us up via cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Brandon Jazz, Hanzelle and Cherub, "Disco Dad"

In honor of Father's Day, local glory-seeking, glam-fetishizing glitter goon Brandon Jazz teamed up with synth poppers Hanzelle as well as Jordan Kelley of electro-pop duo Cherub to create the track "Disco Dad." Dedicated to Mercy Lounge honcho and real-life disco dad Drew Mischke, the tune sounds exactly like you'd think: goofy, dance floor-ready vocals over four-on-the-floor beats and funky synth-string stabs. Also, there's the word "disco" being spelled out rhythmically. Stream it above or download it for free via Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces' Bandcamp page.

Reid Magette and the 1020s, "Hobnobbin'"

Perhaps you read The Spin's account of Reid Magette's recent album release show at The Zombie Shop. Is your interest piqued? Because it should be. Magette's new album is called Shrine of Youth, and Sturdy Girls Records is offering a stream of Shrine's "Hobnobbin'." Yes, we frequently compare Magette to Bruce Springsteen, but after hearing this double-barreled blast of heartland-rocking, sax-fueled badassery, maybe you'll see why. I also detect some Wipers influence, but that might just be my brain making a correlation between this song and Magette's awesomely gravel-gargling vocals. Stream "Hobnobbin'" above or at Sturdy Girls' Bandcamp page.

Grand Strand, "Cactus Blooms"

Former Those Darlins member and Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp founder Kelley Anderson has a new project by the name of Grand Strand. In fact, they were touring with Richard Lloyd until he had to cancel his June dates due to health issues. Anyway, based on "Cactus Blooms" — embedded via YouTube above — Grand Strand seems to lean a little more toward a girl-group aesthetic than toward the country-punk flavor Those Darlins are known for. All the same, it's tuneful and nostalgic and love-lorn and enjoyable. Stream on.

Quichenight, Quichenight II

Jester of lo-fi, psychedelic bedroom power-pop Brett Rosenberg and his Quichenight are at it again. Quichenight II won't be out until early August, but Rosenberg has posted a three-song preview that features dreamy, breezy, catchy, quirky pop numbers with lithe guitar parts and understated, funny lyrics. Lyrics like, well, "You can't be punk / Staring at the drummer's junk," for instance. It's music that's actually better than it has any right to be, damn it. But I'm only saying that because Rosenberg made fun of a band I was in once upon a time. Still, that doesn't change the fact that these songs are at least a tiny bit excellent. The bastard. Stream or download "Keep On," "Infinity Bends" and "Rock and Roll Thing" at Quichenight's Bandcamp page.

Fancytramp, "Bee Charmer"

I've seen local alt-rocking three-piece Fancytramp refer to themselves as "glitter punk" before, and while I think that sums up their aesthetic pretty accurately, I'm kind of a fan of the term "bubble grunge." Fancytramp has an EP on the horizon, and they've put up their tune "Bee Charmer" as a little sneak preview. As something you could debatably call "bubble grunge" should, it features raw, riot grrrl-influenced instrumentation under sweet, pop-inflected vocals. The 'Tramp says they'll pull the track after a few weeks, so stream or download it via Fancytramp's Bandcamp page while you still have the chance.

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