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Hey, remember these? The Scene's annual "You Are So Nashville If ... " issue — or the YASNI issue, as it's better known around these parts — is on the horizon, and that means it's time to start taking reader submissions. All you have to do is finish this sentence: "You are so Nashville if ..." Here, let me just be lazy and block-quote our instructions:

Put your thinking caps on, Nashville, and turn 'em backwards!* It’s time for the Nashville Scene’s blockbuster annual YASNI issue, here to make your summer even hotter! Here’s your chance to find the funniest answer that completes this sentence: “You are so Nashville if ...” As last year’s winner Dana Delworth put it, you are so Nashville if... “Gay gay gay, gay gay; gay gay gay gay gay gay."

What’s on your mind this year? Politics? Newsmakers? Neighborhoods? After 23 years, we still can’t wait to see — and neither can you! Get ready to fill in the funniest blank in town.

What, you’ve been saving entries all year?
You are sooooo Nashville ...

Of course, there are always the music-related YASNI submissions: "You think Nashville is a drinking town with a music problem," or "Your band blah blah blah waiters blah blah blah CD to a Music Row blah blah blah," or "Blah blah blah cowboy hat blah blah blah boots." Personally, my favorite submission of last year was "You are so Nashville if happy 150th birthday Civil War!" But nobody else would vote for that one. Shrug. Anyway, my fellow Scene staffers and I literally have to read over a thousand of these things, so originality — or even general weirdness — is truly, truly appreciated. Submit here! Need that link again? OK, here it is! Deadline is June 26, and the issue will run July 19.


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