Radiohead/Jack White Collab on the Horizon?



Radiohead playing Bonnaroos What Stage
  • Radiohead playing Bonnaroo's What Stage

Friday night at Bonnaroo's What Stage, Radiohead played their headlining set amid an array of pirouetting, pivoting, hovering LED screens. It was a set that we can't wait to detail for you in full, from the epic splendor of "Karma Police" and "Everything in Its Right Place" to frontman Thom Yorke's frantic, chased-by-bees dance moves and endearingly old-British-granny-like banter. But one of Yorke's banter nuggets seemed particularly noteworthy. He dedicated "Supercollider" to Jack White, saying, "Big thank you to Jack White. We're not gonna tell you why, but you'll find out."

Now, we're not ones to tell tales out of school, but it certainly stands to reason that — since Manchester is just a brief jaunt down I-24 from White's Nashville-based Third Man Records, and since we've seen TMR release Blue Series singles by dudes like Beck and Tom Jones in recent months — Radiohead could have stopped off in Nashville to collaborate with the former White Stripe on a single. White's next tour date is about two weeks off, after all. I guess, as Yorke indicated, we'll just have to wait and find out.

We'll be back with more Bonnaroo round-ups tomorrow, from Black Star and St. Vincent to The Avett Brothers and Major Lazer. By the way, here in the press tent, I'm blogging to the sounds of a VIP party in the nearby artist area. Some guy told me it's a Radiohead after-party being DJed by Yorke himself. But that's just according to some guy.

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