Johnny Depp Joins The Black Keys To Accept MTV Movie Awards Honor [WUT?]



A funny thing happened on the way to MSNBC last night. During my dinnertime channel surf I caught a glimpse of ever-terrifying Aerosmith elders Joe Perry and Steven Tyler. The Toxic Twins were in the middle of presenting actor Johnny Depp with The MTV Generation Award (a lifetime achievement-y thingy) at The MTV Movie Awards, which were apparently airing live. Though Depp garnered his Golden Popcorn with a decades-spanning, Scissorhands-to-Sparrow career as a dark-eyed, chiseled-faced scene stealer, he accepted it as a musician, naturally — joining The Black Keys as rhythm guitarist for performances of the band’s recent singles “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy.” (See the entire show on demand here.)

The Black Depp performance made about as much sense to me as deciphering the motives behind whatever true-to-life murder mystery programming I would’ve otherwise been watching on the 24/7 network of death, ID Discovery. (It’s my favorite!) Is Depp gearing up to play Dave Navarro in a biopic about the Jane’s Addiction guitarist’s secret life as a Neil Young impersonator? That’s certainly what it looked like. As Steven Tyler explained it, “Johnny Depp is a rock star in the world of movies.” Fair 'nuff. But why not have Depp and the band learn a Stones song or something, instead of awkwardly shoehorning the actor honoree into an otherwise routine Black Keys television performance? Weird.

Anyway, I’m guessing that the next time Dave Grohl wins a Moon Man he’s going to accept it by performing in a live comedy sketch with the cast of Portlandia? It could happen. Really, it could. Happen.

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