A Film by Harmony Korine: The Black Keys’ ‘Gold on the Ceiling‘ [Fresh Vid]


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You may recall that The Black Keys tapped Harmony Korine to direct the second video for their single “Gold on the Ceiling” earlier this year, and that the finished product was potentially shelved, maybe to never see the light of day. Well, it did indeed drop yesterday on YouTube. As one might expect, the only thing that really makes sense about the Korine-directed clip is that the band’s label, Warner Bros., supposedly did not want to release it.

Was that because, macro-text and all, the clip looked like it cost less than a copy of The Contributor to make? Was it because it visually centered around band members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney dressed up like Mark Walberg about to shoot Matt Damon in his apartment, and strapped to giant, dead-eyed doppelgangers of themselves by makeshift Baby Bjorns? Was it because there is a lot of man-to-man hugging and making out, but no hot babes? Was it because the band (giant and baby alike) are shown with bicycles and skateboards, but not hot cars? Was it because, in typical Korine fashion, all of this unsightly, low-budget malformity was set against the backdrop of dreary, white-trashy lookin’ suburban West Nashville, not an LA mansion? Or was it the clip’s bewildering inclusion of the, as Auerbach called them, “Fubu’ed out” ATL Twins? Probably all of the above. Nevertheless, the video is embedded above for your viewing pleasure … or discomfort.

I don’t know what ignorant idiots in this country think is going to happen if gay marriage is legalized, but I’m gonna go ahead and guess that they’re picturing something like this video. Luckily for those squares, this is the second clip the band has cobbled for “Gold on the Ceiling” — the first being your very middle-of-the-road, slow-motion-laden montage of live footage that jostles between black and white and color. I call that the “Wanted Dead or Alive” treatment.

So, will The Black Keys commission a third clip for “Gold on the Ceiling”? If they’re thinking of setting the song to footage of running buffalo, someone should make sure and tell them that U2 already did that.


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