Cherub Plays War Memorial Auditorium's Attic Sessions, Lightning 100's Hot Tub Session [Fresh Vids]



Nashville's grimiest electro-pop duo has quite rapidly risen from "Wait, who are those dudes?" status to "Oh hey, it's those dudes again" status. Cherub's playing a slot at Bonnaroo next week, and they didn't even need to win the Road to Bonnaroo competition at Mercy Lounge in order to land it, and their various YouTube clips now dwell in the tens-of-thousands-of-views zone — see their official video for "Hold Me," for instance. So before you snooze on these libidinous, synth-brandishing popmongers, let's have a crash course, shall we?

Above you can see the latest installment of War Memorial Auditorium's Attic Sessions. It's Episode 15, and it features Cherub performing the tunes "Lyndenberries" and "Love You Right" — the former has some relatively frank descriptions of some kind of sexual encounter, so have your fainting couch ready — and talking about how non-Nashvillians perceive Nashville. Our favorite topic! Cherub also played Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores a couple weeks back, and while there, they ran into the folks from Lightning 100 (or "Lightie C-Note," as the local radio station is known in the biz). Anyway, the Lightie C-Note folks coaxed Cherub into a hot tub, where the duo performed their tune "Hold Me" just before The Flaming Lips took the stage to play Dark Side of the Moon. While frontman Jordan Kelley's near-castrato falsetto is on display in both performance vids, you might not get the full scope of what Cherub most typically does. Therefore, I recommend listening to "Doses and Mimosas" (also embedded after the jump) to get the idea. Substance abuse and "high-class ass." Indeed.

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