Lambchop Performs 'Gone Tomorrow' on Fallon



Skip to 35:30 to see Lambchop's segment

Well then, how was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? As promised, legendary Nashvillian alt country/indie-rock troupe Lambchop made an appearance on the May 25 episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon — as a matter of fact, Fallon's entire audience was made up of servicemembers, which is neat. You can see the 'Chop performing "Gone Tomorrow" from this year's Mr. M above, though you'll have to scrub through until the last segment. I didn't come across any videos featuring the performance alone. So just, you know, deal with it.

"Gone Tomorrow" is of course characteristically gorgeous and poignant and thoughtful in that Lambchop sort of way, and I recommend revisiting their equally gorgeous video for the tune — the one they filmed at Nashville's own renowned Stadium Inn with help from some very impressive-looking local wrestlers. Hell, why don't I just post that again after the jump? I think I'll do that.

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