Live and Reel Presents William Tyler's 'Lissmacue'



The folks at Live and Reel are back with another of their in-studio performances, and this installment features one of our all-time local faves: critically acclaimed sometime sideman/sometime solo picker (and future local venue proprietor) William Tyler. Since we're talkin' Tyler, you may recall that he recently made a 7-inch to be released via Nashville's Dead Records that's a bit more far-out than most of the content of 2010's Behold the Spirit. And those of us lucky enough to see him open for The Strange Boys at The End about two weeks ago got to hear him do a couple songs while accompanied by Seth Murray (Natural Child) and Jamin Orrall (JEFF the Brotherhood) — I have to say, the full-band tunes featured this fantastic, psychedelic-punk splash that you don't typically get from a William Tyler set.

But anyway, this performance is classic Willy T. See him doing his moody, mildly sinister "Lissmacue" above, and get it in MP3 form right here. There's another performance video, say the L&R folks, "exclusive to email subscribers and Facebook fans." Get on that.

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