PUJOL Debuts 'Providence' via Spinner [Fresh Track]



As we noted a couple months ago when Spin debuted PUJOL's "DIY2K", poet/brainy philoso-punkster Daniel Pujol and his crew will release their Saddle Creek debut, United States of Being, on June 5. And just to give us another little taste of what's about to land in our lap, Spinner has premiered the Being track "Providence." "Providence" is the tune Mr. Pujol was workshopping when he played it for our Conference Call series back in March of last year (watch that again after the jump).

It's nice to see that Spinner — via writer Cameron Matthews — took the time to actually interview and profile Pujol, quoting Poojie's accurate depiction of the local rock scene. Here, look:

"A lot of the people here [in the scene] have grown up here and a lot of their parents are involved in the country music industry," he says. "It's not necessarily like the punks vs. the country music industry. It's just that there's a good infrastructure for making and playing music here. It's fairly shared. There's not really antagonism. The facilities and the resources are here and people play in 'em."

Over the last few years, Nashville has become a hotbed of sweaty garage rock. From Jeff the Brotherhood to D. Watusi, the town that's most known for its Opry is welcoming a new kind of loud. Pujol rooted himself in Nashville because he could grow alongside local heroes in an environment based on sharing.

"I moved here from the middle of nowhere because people didn't want to share," he says. "And not because they didn't want to, but that they probably didn't know how to. I got lucky coming here and meeting people that wanted to figure out how to share ideas with enough dignity to have this conversation."

So as you'll hear, "Providence" features many of the characteristics we've come to expect from the Pooj — gritty guitar tones, plinking key parts, a busy bass line and accessible but finely crafted, big-picture lyrics. It also features some falsetto, which, at least as far as I can recall, is pretty new for the Pooj. There will be a release show at Club Roar featuring Natural Child, Fox Fun, D. Watusi and more on June 5, but more on that next week. Now, listen:


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