Taylor Swift Pledges $4 Million To Fund the Taylor Swift Education Center at Country Music Hall of Fame



And to think, I was impressed when Taylor "Babygirl Tay-Tay" Swift pledged $75K to my alma mater. Peanuts! Music City's own legendary Country Music Hall of Fame just announced that the international superstar made it rain all over the place — I like to think that the donation was made in cash, in person, even though that would be incredibly inconvenient for everyone involved — with a $4 million contribution for the construction of a "7,500-square-foot space, which will encompass parts of two floors and feature three classrooms and a state-of-the-art children’s exhibit gallery." The expansion is part of CoMu's plan to expand from 140,000 to more than 350,000 square feet, and it will "increase the museum’s educational capacity up to seven-fold" — a big enough deal that the museum thought it fitting to name the space after Swift. Here are some more details:

The new education center will increase the museum’s educational capacity up to seven-fold and will include three classrooms and a children’s exhibition gallery. On the third floor, two traditional classrooms and one “wet” classroom space will be used by museum educators for current educational offerings, including the museum’s flagship program, Words & Music; distance learning programs; and family programs such as the Musical Petting Zoo. The “wet classroom” will feature a utility floor, lending itself to the museum’s Make Letterpress Art with Hatch Show Print family program and similar (messy) offerings. The additional classroom spaces will also allow the museum to develop new educational activities, potentially including after-school programs, teen-centric programs, multi-week workshops for youths, adults and senior citizens, and more. Additionally, the classroom spaces will be adjacent to a visible storage area and design studio; this space will feature thematic displays of artifacts, e.g. dozens of banjos, and allow students to observe museum curators at work. The children’s gallery, situated on the second floor, will be a dedicated exhibit space for young patrons and will be filled with hands-on, interactive exhibits.

Swift's donation, says the release, is "the largest capital contribution by an individual artist in the museum’s 45-year history," and the Taylor Swift Education Center is scheduled to open in 2014. Anyway, this is all clearly part of Swift's selfish ploy to climb her way back to the top of the National League of Junior Cotillions' "Best Mannered People" list. No. 5? Not for long. Your move, Kate Middleton.

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