Spin Premieres JEFF the Brotherhood's Dan Auerbach-Produced ‘Sixpack' [Fresh Track]



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There aren’t very many bands that can get away with naming a song “Sixpack” without deserving a punch in the face from Henry Rollins. But JEFF the Brotherhood is one of them. Check out the first track to surface from JtB’s forthcoming Hypnotic Knights EP (out May 22), which they recorded with producer and Black Keys bro Dan Auerbach behind the board.

Spin premiered the hook-heavy, life-affirming gem today, and it totally rules — despite bearing no non-titular similarities to the Black Flag classic of the same name. The song is, to my iron-clad-intuitive ears, the J-Bros’ poppiest tune to date, but it also boasts some of the most wicked-heavy, enema-inducing guitar tones (not to mention Jake Orrall’s highest pitched vocal) the band has ever committed to wax. Dig it.

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