Meg Myers Pines for Tennessee, Takes on Hipsters in Stupid Video for Terrible Song



Do you love to laugh? Then do yourself a favor and DON’T watch the video above. It’s for “Tennessee,” by alt-twee singer Meg Myers — a self-proclaimed uneducated former Jehovah’s Witness from the Smokey Mountains. Assuming her stanzas are autobiographical, Myers migrated to LA’s Echo Park neighborhood — a Mecca of all things uber-hip — and apparently hates it for its hipsters, not its weather. That’s kinda like moving to Nigeria and complaining about all the Nigerians. Which would be stupid.

“I'm like a baby. I shit in my diaper, but I can't talk. So I cry, and then everyone understands.”

That’s how Myers responded when asked how her personality feeds into her musical style in this LAist interview. So it’s no surprise that “Tennessee” is a tuneless two-minutes-and-14-of-seconds of monotonous, musically dreadful dreck that sounds like Cage the Elephant covering Nine Inch Nails ... as mashed up with Yello’s “Oh Yeah” and Ben Stein improvising an a cappella rendition of The Dandy Warhols' “Bohemian Like You.” As songs inspired by Echo Park go, this one definitely ranks well below Warren Zevon's "Carmelita" on the listenability scale.

The song's video features Myers and some other dude driving around Echo Park, shooting the town’s fashionable gentrificators with Nerf guns. But the worst thing about it is that it’s not fucking funny. At all. I’ve come closer to laughter watching Mad TV sketches. Seriously. Dancer in the Dark is funnier than this video. If I was gonna try my hand at a humorous hipster take-down, I’d at least try a little harder than chockin’ the shit a-block with aggressively hackneyed references to headbands, vegan food trucks, Vespas and mustache tattoos.

So, who thinks this slipshod shit is funny? The Pulitzer-winning Huffington Post, apparently. Shame on them.

For Meg Myers, the truly tragic thing is that when she gets back to Tennessee she’ll discover East Nashville and find out that, when it comes to unfunny viral vids about hipsters, this guy already beat her to the punch:

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