Heavy Cream Album Release Show and Crawfish Boil feat. Cheap Time and Fox Fun Tonight at The Zombie Shop; Hear 'The Jam' [Fresh Track]



So you've already heard "John Johnny" from Heavy Cream's brand-new Super Treatment, and those scoundrelous punksters are now offering up a jam called "The Jam," and while it doesn't particularly sound like The Jam, per se, it is indeed a jam.

What? Oh right. "The Jam." Hear that one below. Tonight at The Zombie Shop, HC will celebrate the release of ST with a show and crawfish boil — a lot of talk about crawfish this week, no? — and I wrote a Critic's Pick about it. This is precisely how it goes:

“Denim and leather.” That’s all it says under the “influences” section of Heavy Cream’s Facebook page, and really, that may be all you need to know about the local garage-punk quartet. On their brand-new sophomore LP, Super Treatment (out May 8 via Infinity Cat Records), the HC ladies and dude at least metaphorically don both materials. Frontwoman Jessica McFarland snarls with Joan Jett- and Suzy Quatro-fashioned leather sass through impudent numbers like “ ’79,” “Prison Shanks” and “Dead Beat,” while guitarist Mimi Galbierz channels the fuzzy, shredded-denim power chords and two-note riffs of Johnny Ramone. Perhaps the biggest leap Heavy Cream has made since their debut LP Danny, however, is thanks to their rhythm section. With the addition of Tiffany Minton on drums and Seth Sutton on bass, HC has a newfound, tightly wound and finely tuned sound that — while it isn’t as precise as, say, The Buzzcocks or Television or something — is at least as combustible and tight as the Pistols. Tonight, the Cream celebrates their new crop of songs with a release party and bona fide crawfish boil (yum!) that will feature performances from fellow rock ’n’ rollers Cheap Time and Fox Fun, not to mention (according to the Creamsters) “nudity, crawfish, DJs and celebrity appearances.” Sounds legit to me. —D. PATRICK RODGERS

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