Download Calicocat's Soup du Jour for Free [Fresh Tracks]



A few days ago, local outfit Calicocat tweeted at us thusly: "We are from Nashville yet you know not of our existence. This should change. Get all our music free!" Now, I'm not big on negotiating with tweet-terrorists, and I have to say, we are absolutely aware of Calicocat's existence. As a matter of fact, on my desk sits a notebook with various notes and band names and news items scrawled in it, and among those scrawled notes is the name "Calicocat." But, seeing as how the 'Cat self-released an LP called Soup du Jour last week, and seeing as how they prodded us tweet-wise, I figure now's a proper time to post about them.

On Soup du Jour, Matt Robinson’s piercing tenor vocals are self-assured in a manner that reminds me of Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell, and I’d be remiss not to mention the strikingly breezy, Shins-esque pop arrangements of tunes like “Tome of Love” and “Catherine.” And while songs like “Salty Dogs” feature that dark-but-jaunty sort of ’60s-pop dichotomy a la Harry Nilsson, a big chunk of Soup seems most directly influenced by frantic, post-punky indie rock of the late '80s and early '90s. “I Said” is actually the sort of juke joint-flavored Texas indie-rock tune that reminds me of Toadies — and I don't mean that as an insult — and album-closer "Georgia Moon" is a genuine, down-home, front-porch pluckin' number. So, seeing as how I just referenced a pretty broad smattering of styles and artists, it could easily be said that Soup du Jour is an eclectic collection. And, as is often the case with especially eclectic albums, the tone and energy are a bit all over the map. That's good for easily bored listeners with a broad and welcoming palate. But anyway, if you've honestly just spent all this time reading my blog post, you certainly have the patience to give a few of these tracks a listen.

Soup du Jour was recorded by Calicocat member Coley Hinson at Trail East Studios, and you can stream it below or download the whole damn thing for free over at the band's Bandcamp page. But don't think this means we're about to start posting about each blog-forsaken thing that every Tom, Dick and Harry tweets at us! Then again, maybe we will. That's up to you guys. "Brain Wreck," "Tome of Love," "Salty Dogs" and "Catherine," by the way, happen to be my personal faves.

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