Godspeed You! Black Emperor To Revisit Cannery Oct. 12



  • Photo via Eric Auv
After seven years of inactivity, Godspeed You! Black Emperor announced a 2010-11 string of tour dates. The announcement was met with both cheers from art-rock fans and eye-rolls from critics who have painted the band as a pretentious, hipper-than-thou gimmick.

Regardless of case-by-case opinions, the general consensus was obvious: Shows sold out all over the nation, and Nashville was one of them. Tickets vanished almost instantly, leaving many wide-eyed and eager fans (myself included) excluded from the 1,000-ish inner circle allowed through Cannery’s doors that fateful night. But now, Godspeed is giving us laggards a second chance.

Extending their reunion tour into the month of October, GY!BE added 13 more dates over the course of two weeks. The outfit’s nightly routine makes its way to Cannery on Oct. 12 with their concept-heavy, storytelling instrumentation.

Although my fingers are crossed for hearing the 28 Days Later-inspiring F#A#∞ in its entirety, their recent Coachella show featured highlights from Yanqui UXO, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven and a couple non-album pieces. So while they may not offer a night of post-apocalyptica-made-fun, anyone interested should still pick up tickets as soon as they become available, because they won’t last long.

I would tell you to check out their site for more information, but the band’s enigmatic disposition makes for a serious logistical nightmare. Tickets go on sale at 10am this coming Wednesday, May 9th, and can be purchased here.

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