Spurgeon’s General Warning: Classic!



I am passably smart about a lot of classy shit: the high points of art nouveau design, how long one is allowed to wait to send a thank-you note, and how much to tip a prostitute. One fancy thing I am not well acquainted with, however, is classical music. If I hear something I like on my classy-ass NPR, it’s hard to ever find it again — you can’t really Google for melodies (yet), and if there are words, they are almost always foreign words, which do not count.

Unless! That song has been featured prominently in a television show or major motion picture. And you’re probably the same. Thanks to Bugs Bunny, we all knew “Ride of the Valkyries” before we had any concept of who Wagner was. But I’m not talking about “Canon in D” for a wedding scene, or films set in the classical era or about particular people: Immortal Beloved is going to have Beethoven and Amadeus is full of Mozart.

There are literally hundreds of examples, but below are a handful of pieces that I can’t disassociate from certain movies. Can you guess which films I’m thinking of? I’ll give you a hint: All of the movies are from the 1990s. And do you, dear reader, have any favorites or super-strong associations? Get classy with it.

“Adagio” from Spartacus, Aram Khachaturian:

“L'amour est un oiseau rebelle” from Carmen, Georges Bizet

“Jazz Suite, Waltz No. 2”, Dmitri Shostakovich

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