Eric Church to Rolling Stone: Modern Rock 'n' Roll 'Has Been Very Emo or Whatever the Fuck'



Well, how about a weird series of ornery quotes to close out your busy Monday? I don't profess to be an expert on modern country troubadour Eric Church — needless to say, those of us in the alt-weekly game mostly shy away from arena-sized, mainstream country. But that won't keep us from perking up when Mr. Church has some shit to talk regarding the state of rock 'n' roll.

An interview with Church was featured in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone — the Stone of course doesn't seem to have posted the interview online anywhere yet, but a blog with a name that probably also functions as its MO (Keepin' It Country) transcribed a bit of the Q&A. Church dogs on the reality-performance program The Voice for a while — along with judges/coaches Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green — before turning his guns on modern rock 'n' roll:

“Rock & Roll has been very emo or whatever the f—. It’s very hipster. We played Lollapalooza and I was stunned at how pussy 90 percent of those bands were. Nobody’s loud. It’s all very f—-n’ Peter, Paul and Mary sh–.”

As awesome as a phrase like "fuckin' Peter, Paul and Mary shit" no doubt is, I had to look into the alleged emo-or-whatever-the-fuck outfits in question. Google tells me that the only year Mr. Church ever played Lollapalooza was 2009. Also, he played on Friday, so we'll narrow the list of the bands he's potentially dissing down to just rock bands that performed at Lollapalooza Friday, August 7, 2009. Here we go: Manchester Orchestra, White Lies, Ben Folds, The Decemberists, Kings of Leon, Heartless Bastards, Crystal Castles, Of Montreal, Hockey, Zap Mama, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird and Peter Bjorn and John.

Well? Is that a list you might consider "90 percent pussy" (if you're the sort of person who would say something like that)? I was prepared to be like, "O rly, Eric Church?" But after seeing a list with names on it including Of Montreal, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Peter Bjorn and John ... well, I'm not saying that Church has a point, per se. I'm only conceding that Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes isn't exactly Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister, am I right?

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