Ke$ha and The Flaming Lips, '2012 ... You Must Be Upgraded'; the Lips Collab With Other Nashvillians, Too [Fresh Track]



Back in January, we reported that Nashville trash queen Ke$ha and Oklahoman psych gods The Flaming Lips were collaborating on a track here in town. And just a few weeks ago, we discovered that lead Lip and good-vibe mascot Wayne Coyne is interested in potentially making this more than just a one-off. Anyway, as reported by Stereogum, the collab album The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends was released on Saturday (which was Record Store Day, of course), and the record's lead-off track is a Lips-Ke$h cut called "2012 ... You Must Be Upgraded."

The track — which you can hear above via YouTube embed — is a four-minute barrage of skronk-pop madness that features (at least according to Stereogum, as I keep my nerdy obsessions mostly tuned to American sci-fi and am thus largely unfamiliar) a Doctor Who sample. "I want my mind to be completely toast," speak-sings Ke$h-Ke$h amid apocalyptic lyrics, ungodly sounds and an "acid haze." I think listening to this track on repeat for over an hour would probably send anyone's mind into Toast Zone, as Ke$ha's sinister mumblings make her sound a bit like she could be the leader of those Pink Robots the Lips sent Yoshimi to battle a decade ago (God, has it really been that long?). Around the two-minute mark, "2012" wanders idly into perfectly listenable terrain, before dropping back into that maddeningly discordant freak-out. After an acid-fueled Armageddon, where could this collab (The Ke$hing Lips? Flame-$ha?) go from here? Oh, of course. Into futuristic-sex-toy terrain.

By the way, the Rumor Mill also seems to be churning up other bits of Nashville-Lips collab action. This tweet from Mr. Coyne indicates that Nashville's own Linear Downfall recorded a King Crimson cover with his outfit, and this one shows Nashville's Conestyle joining Coyne's collaborative entourage. Coynestyle. Now that one's easy.

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