Spurgeon’s General Warning: RIP Dick Clark



As we all likely know by now, Dick Clark died yesterday at the age of 82. He's perhaps best known for American Bandstand, and YouTube is positively littered with clips from the show, many of which were uploaded by Dick Clark Productions within the past 12 hours. Those people know from media! With the majority of the clips coming from the '70s and '80s, I’ve scoured the archives and curated a list of artist interviews I think are likely to be relevant to readers of the Cream. You’re lucky I didn’t just populate this whole thing with ABBA and Leo Sayer.

Pink Floyd, “Apples and Oranges” (1967):

Stay for the interview at the end, wherein Clark asks the boys the tough questions about what it’s like eating American food.

Captain Beefheart (1966):

Phoner and dance party! Check out the 9-year-old!

Robert Palmer (1978):

I find this one interesting because I had no idea younger Robert Palmer was that hot. Look at how hot!

Nick Lowe (1983):

Clark returns again to that lightest and breeziest of light, breezy interview questions: the difference between the US and the UK.

Weird Al Yankovic (1985):

Q: “Are you a musician?”
A: Watch the video and find out!

Electric Light Orchestra (1986):

Dick is curious how ELO stays so fresh and current. Jeff Lynne responds with aplomb.

Billy Preston (1981):

Is that a Nudie jacket, or just a jacket with badass rhinestone shoulders?

Donna Summer (1978):

Summer apparently co-hosted this episode, but we all know the true heir to the Dick Clark empire of inoffensive Americana would eventually become Ryan Seacrest.

Paul Anka (1981):

Speaking of inoffensive Americana, here’s Clark popping a boner over Paul Anka in the wholly relevant Anka year of 1981.

RIP, Dick! All the rhythm sections you bothered to ask the names of thank you for your hard work.

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