Rolling Stone Premieres PUJOL Single, Talks MEEMAW



Warning: Not actual player.
  • Warning: Not actual player.
FACT: If you’ve seen PUJOL at any one of the bajillion local shows the band has played in the past couple years, then you’ve already heard the ever-rousing anthem “Reverse Vampire.” I bet some of you even know the words. You may have even first heard the blood-spitting jam when Daniel Pujol premiered it at the MEEMAW reunion show (that’s his old band, n00bs) in January of 2010 — a little local-rock factoid Rolling Stone dawt kahm reminds us all of.

Today, RS premiered the studio recording of “Reverse Vampire” — officially the first single off PUJOL’s Saddle Creek debut, United States of Being, which drops June 5. You can listen to it here, and feast your eyes on a PUJOL promo shot taken by local photog Jonny Kingsbury. And if you go so far as to actually read that post, you’ll perhaps take pride in how the Stone shares a piece of local punk history with the world and quotes Pujol as follows:

Daniel Pujol's former MEEMAW bandmates inspired the track "Reverse Vampire" … "They changed my life, and I'll thank them all day long," Daniel Pujol says of MEEMAW's Wez and Jez. "I wrote the song for them and we played it once at a reunion show. It's about 'you' bleeding out and dying all the time instead of 'you' sucking blood and living forever."

Anyone else find their sides split by RS's evocation of the MEEMAW legacy, as if that's a band its readers had surely already heard of? What's THAT a sign of? Something good, I guess.

Anyway. Don't wanna wait till June to own "Reverse Vampire" in LP form? Then pick up the song's 7-inch single on Record Store Day this weekend. Too lazy to link your ass over to the Rolling Stone site to hear it? Then settle for the intimate, acoustic version Pujol performed in the Scene's conference room last year:

Here's one for both the n00bs and the nostalgic:

... And here's an encore:

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