Karen Elson Performing 'Milk and Honey,' Black Keys With Anthony Bourdain, Useless Eaters' 'She (Death Grip)' [Vidsy Bits]


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* As noted here and here, one of Third Man Records' many special Record Store Day releases will be a single from British supermodel, sometime chanteuse and Jack White ex Karen Elson. Yesterday, Rolling Stone premiered the above video of Elson performing the single's A-side, the Jackson C. Frank-penned "Milk and Honey." You may recognize her guitarist, the ubiquitous and ironically nicknamed Nashvillian sideman Fats Kaplin, who also happens to play in one of Jack White's two current backing bands (the all-male one, obviously). Of "Milk and Honey," Elson says, "The lyrics are sorrowful, yet a poetic take on the season's changing and love. It reminds me of a Rilke poem." A model who reads Rilke? How sophisticated!

* On Monday's episode of the popular Travel Channel series No Reservations, host Anthony Bourdain — pretty much the only foodie TV personality I can stand — visited Kansas City. Nashville's own The Black Keys happened to be in KC, and Bourdain met up with them to talk about barbecue, cheap wonton, briefcases full of cocaine and handguns and more. Seriously though, the Keys talk about food — and I'm using a technical term here — a shit-ton. They claimed to me that Akron has the best burger in the world, but I'm still not certain I buy it. Anyhow, see a little snippet of that after the jump, and a longer snippet here. Also, notice how the segment features the Keys' "Money Maker," which leads with the lyric "She wants milk and honey"? Hey, like Karen's song. Strange coincidence. Or is it?

* And finally, since this seems as good a place as any to tuck it, Seth Sutton and his Useless Eaters have a video for their tune "She (Death Grip)." We first saw this one via Nashville's Dead last week, but I like snotty punk bands that sound like 1978 UK shit, all right? Deal with it, watch it. It's after the jump, too.


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