East Side of the River Seeks Kickstarter Funds for East Nashville Music Documentary



Hey, it's Kickstarter day! In addition to Roy Ira's KS campaign, we also recently caught wind of an in-the-works project by the name of East Side of the River. The general premise should be old hat for locals: East Nashville's music community runs deep, and its flag-bearers — while they may have dipped their toes into the contempo-country pool in some form or fashion — by and large don't operate as part of the "Country Music Machine." Yeah, sure, we know all that. But will this film, this East Side of the River, truly dive in and tell the story of the exceptional talent East Nashville has seen over the years, from bands like BR549 and venues like Slowbar all the way up through punk outfits like PUJOL and events like The 5 Spot's dance parties, hoedowns and rock shows?

That, of course, remains to be seen. The trailer above — and also an excerpt from an interview with musician and Family Wash proprietor James Rubin, which you can see after the jump — don't tip East Side's hand too much. I get a distinctly "singer-songwritery" vibe from the trailer. But I hope, once the folks behind the documentary really dive in, they'll explore the diversity the East Side — and really Nashville at large, but whatever — has to offer. Punk. Americana. Metal. Hip-hop. Blues. Indie rock. Bluegrass. Soul. It's all there. If East Side of the River hits its goal and then does its job, we'll see it all. As with every Kickstarter project, there are tiered incentives — credits, parties, a book, a signed guitar — and you can see more at the project's official page. Their goal is $7,500, and they have to hit it by June 4. What do you think? Will they make it? Is this a worthy endeavor?

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